KIRO 7’s Your Voices is a celebration of all the local races and cultures that make up Western Washington. Look for new celebrations each month, and if there’s a person, organization, or month you’d like to see featured, please email us at yourvoices@kiro7.com.



This month we celebrate Black History Month. We honor generations of African Americans who fought for equality, and our current generation who continue that work today to build social equity and make Western Washington better for everyone. This month, we encourage you to support black-owned businesses, and learn more about black history in Washington State and across the nation. Find more resources, here.


Your Voices: Black History Month

Your Voices: Day of Service

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Western Washington Gets Real

Western Washington Gets Real is KIRO7’s commitment to having difficult conversations about race and equality. We will dig deep into important issues; from housing, healthcare and education to policing, immigration, and voting. Beyond just highlighting where or how racism exists, Western Washington Gets Real is a chance to learn from each other, to celebrate our differences, and create greater understanding. We’re committed to covering stories that matter to all members of our community, and to amplifying often marginalized voices. Everyone deserves to be heard. Visit the Western Washington Gets Real Page to see more stories about these important issues, as well as Your Voices stories celebrating the different races and cultures that make up our community. On that page, you will also find additional resources and information.


Below, you’ll find links to local organizations and non-profits that represent, work with or serve diverse races, cultures and communities in Western Washington.